Tuesday, October 21

Sad News From Brazil

Last week my dear neighbour in Rio de Janeiro died in his sleep. Marquinhos, as he was known, was 50 odd years old and was happily married to one of the sweetest girls I have ever known, Tirca.He was a very respected equine veterinarian at the Jockey Club in Rio de Janeiro,and above all, a loving husband and father. He leaves behind a two year old daughter,Alicia.
Two days ago, another neighbour of mine in Rio was assasinated by the son of his chauffeur.Sr Artur Sendas was a very respected businessman in the community and employed thousands of people. He gave back to the people of the Alto da Boa Vista every Christmas, and his fireworks at New Years were classic.
If there is anything to learn from these two tragic lives lost, is that life is fleeting, and we must live each and every day to the maximum. It can be taken away in a snap.
My thougts and prayers go out to their families.

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Lu said...

Obrigada pelos seu comentario no meu blog, Caregiver Experience. You made my day, I had tears in my eyes. Eu respondi o seu comentario no meu blog mesmo, depois passe por la no mesmo topico onde voce deixou o seu comentario voce encontrara a resposta. E acho que passarei a ler o seu blog tambem. Abracos!