Tuesday, January 22

Why Are Brazilian Women Eternal Baby Makers?

I guess Planned Parenthood closed up shop a long time ago here in Brazil. I was talking to a Brazilian friend the other day and she said how her husband got her pregnant....Wait a minute folks.Did the birth control pill bypass the shoreline of Brazil? Since when is it the man´s fault that a woman gets pregnant??? I don´t want any more kids and I make darn sure that I practice safe sex AND use the Pill.What makes these women different? Maybe its just easier to put the fault on the male.

Having children is a big responsability,morally and financially. How can these women be responsable if they are not even responsable with birth control? Vasectomies are covered by medical insurance,but the macho male here considers it castration.Tying tubes is too invasive for the woman(I agree)The best Pill on the market is half of the price as it is in Canada and the average run of the mill PIll costs the equivalent of $2USD per month....

You do the math.....

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DRL said...

Hi Lisa,
I agree, something must be done about the birth control situation (or lack thereof) here in Brazil in order for this country to become stronger.
Love the blog! And especially "canarioca" - how fun.