Saturday, March 6

Arlene Dickinson's Hair, Brett Wilson's Girlfriend and What to Wear in Rio

These are the three biggest searches that arrive on my blog. With the success of Dragon's Den, people want to know more about the Dragons themselves. I wish I could be of more help to these queries.
I think Arlene looks better now that she has lost weight and straightened her hair. I must admit,looking back on older seasons of the Den, she did look a smidge frumpy. The white streak in her hair could be natural, or she could be all white and dyes the rest red and just leaves the front white. I think it looks cool.
As for Brett, I am no expert on his love life. He used to date my friend Norma, but they broke up last summer. He was apparently dating Sarah Maclachlan(the singer), but who knows what is going on there. Brett's hair was a mess this past season. They tried to tone down the grey a bit and ended up giving him the Grecian formula look. I think he looks much better with shorter hair and the salt and pepper look. You can see the difference between this season and last years Den. I'm just sayin'.....
As for the What to Wear in Rio? department, I looked back at the original blog and it still holds true. This summer was abnormally hot and now the rains of March have arrived in Rio.


TLC said...

This made me laugh. Somehow my top searches are:

Fart farting Brasilian <---wtf?
Favelas Rio Olympics
nossa senhora aparecida translation
just stumbled upon your blog recently.

Kirsten said...

I love your Blog! I look forward to reading more! You are so interesting!