Tuesday, March 9

Olympics Hangover

The Olympics in Vancouver are over and the flame is out. It was a fun ride. Unless you have been living under a rock, Canada had its best showing at the games ever and won more gold medals than any other country in Winter Olympic history.
After 17 days of pure Canadian patriot love, Canada has gone back to talking about the weather and kvetching about politics. There were highlights and lowlights of these games. When Alexandre Bilodeau won his gold medal, I cried and cheered. His brother (who suffers from cerebral palsy) was his inspiration and he said that the medal was just as much his. There had seemed to be a drought of medals from the Canadian team and the British press started to question the organizing committee and the Games in general. By the end of week two, Canada shut them up. Most of the events where Canada was expected to win gold were in the last week anyway. They came through with flying colours! Ice dancing! The first time in my lifetime that the Russians didn't win. Short track skating. It was like roller derby! Snowboard cross, ski cross! The X Games became the Olympics!
The gold medal hockey game. I felt like I was watching a World Cup final. Canada vs. the USA. When the USA scored to tie the game with 30 seconds left, there was a lull that went from Victoria to Saint John's. It had to go into overtime. Golden goal. Who scored first would win the gold! Overtime started. Puck passed back and forth. Gladiators hitting the glass with a thud that could raise the dead. Then, at 7 minutes, the puck went to Crosby, who passed it to Iginla, who passed it back to Crosby as he was brought down by the USA defense. One flick of the wrist and boom...GGGOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! The Kid got the winning goal. The whole country went NUTS!!! Flashes of the reactions of Canadians were on tv sets around the world. WE WON HOCKEY GOLD!!!! Sidney Crosby, 22 years old, became a national hero. He has been touted as the next Gretsky. For me, he is the original Crosby. Reebok is offering a reward to the idiot who stole Crosby's gloves post game. They are definitely worth a fortune.
Lowlights of the games?
The unfortunate death of the Georgian luger on the first day.
Having to suffer through 17 days of Brian Williams on CTV with his annoying commentary. In Brazil there is Galvao Bueno, Briam Williams is Canada's version....
The closing ceremony. Shame on you Will Ferguson, you are a better writer than that!!! Mounties and moose and beavers??? Then it became a showcase of second rate Canadian talent. It got so bad that the athletes were leaving before it was over. The last showpiece was just plain lame.
The Olympics are over, spring is coming. How do we know spring is coming in Canada? Because Canada's national coffeehouse, Tim Hortons, has started its annual 'Roll Up the Rim to Win' promotion....
Have a good day eh?

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