Monday, April 23

My New Vice: The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Yes I will admit it. I watch the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Go ahead and judge me, I don't care. These 5 women are living the life and having a ball doing it. So they are over the top? Trust me, the fashion business is worse. Catfights and drama? Its all for the cameras. Apparently they came to Calgary to interview potential 'Housewives' for a Calgary version, but the producers said that the wives in Calgary were 'too nice'. I can believe a point. I have seen some real bitches with $$$ in this town who would have been perfect. They know who they are.
 Each of the RHOV have very strong personalities. Here are my thoughts on each one, so far after 3 episodes.
 1. Jody Claman. Lots of people think she is a bitch, but personally I like her chutzpah. She tells it like it is. She is no-nonsense. Her one liners are epic. In one scene she is sitting with Reiko at a cafe. The dialog goes something like this:
 Jody: "Reiko, you have such great arms! What do you do?"
Reiko: " I do push-ups every day"
Jody: "I push my husband off me every night, hahahahahaha."

2. Christina Keisel. Yes she plays a gold digger, and freely admits it " Vancouver is a gold mine and I like digging'. Not quite sure about her though. I have a hard time believing that she is only 30. I think that under that 'persona' is a little frail girl who is deeply insecure about herself. Where is her accent from?????

 3. Mary Zilba. Ah yes, sweet Mary. A bit too sweet actually. She needs a bit more of a backbone. Stay away from the ex-boyfriend who has a new girlfriend and stop sleeping with him! Yes, therapy would be beneficial here! Stand up for yourself more girl!! The scenes with the music director were cringe worthy. He was just creepy.

4. Ronnie Negus. Somehow the persona on the TV doesn't match who I think she really is. The editing makes her out to be a lush who drinks too much. We all drink! I, too have a child with a disability and I know how tough it is on some days. Ronnie, thank you for bringing awareness to children with disabilities!

5. Reiko Mackenzie. The 'Switzerland' of the group. She gets along with all of the Housewives and tries to broker peace. I think its cool that she likes fast cars. Keep the kids away from sugar though!

 So there you have it! The Real Housewives of Vancouver is on SLICE tv every Wednesday night at 10 pm.

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Kyle Archibald said...

Hey if you like them, we are not ashamed also. We pick a Queen B of the Week, talk Triflin' or Fierce and reenact now weekly through "Hairpiece Theatre" Let me know what you think!