Wednesday, November 23


Bullying. Bully. Those words conjure up images of the tough kid at school shaking down the ‘nerd’ for his lunch money or stuffing him into a locker, to the delight of his ‘accomplices’.

This type of behavior still exists, but with the advent of the internet and the media, the type of bullying has become increasingly cruel and apparently more widespread.
Social media allows bullies to hide behind their computer screen and spread their vicious venom to hundreds if not thousands of people. Teasing someone because they are skinny, fat, gay, disabled, talented, smart etc. is a form of bullying that has unfortunately become more acceptable.
Bullying is not just about inflicting physical abuse onto someone. There is more and more emotional and psychological bullying, and this type of bullying is what is causing young teenagers with brilliant futures, to take their lives.
Spreading lies and rumors about someone falls under the heading of psychological bullying. Teasing someone for a particular characteristic is emotional bullying.
I honestly believe that many eating disorders among girls are sparked by some form of emotional bullying. “Oh, So and So? She’s not cool and I don’t want to hang around her because she is fat!”. “ So and So” could be 5’5” and weigh 90 pounds soaking wet!!! But the media portrays perfection as someone who is flawless and skinny. We are judged on out outer appearance. If one doesn’t fall under the umbrella of perfection that is dictated to us by the magazines and television, that person is shunned and ridiculed by his or her peers.
This generation is being brought up and raised with the ‘moral’ code of what is on the television. Pick any night on TV and there is a show that has kids disrespecting adults and authority at some level.
How are teenagers supposed to respect themselves or their peers? Where is the moral compass that teaches people to respect themselves and others around them?
There is a wonderful group called Dare to Care, that goes out in the schools to give kids the tools to deal with bullying.
I despise bullying and do not accept that type of behavior from anyone.


JM said...

Hello from Victoria, BC!
I went the opposite route, born in RJ and ending up in Canada.
I was wondering if I could send you some questions about living in RJ; do you have an email where I can contact you?

connectionweb said...

I totally agree. It's sad but you know that, we're always going to have some jacka**!