Sunday, November 6

It's Been A While...Again

I have been very busy lately and my blog has suffered. When I do have time to sit and write, I suffer from the proverbial writer's block. Obviously no the best thing to happen to someone who blogs.

What to write about? Forget about the financial crisis in Greece, or the Occupy movement. Yesterday's news. And to be honest do I really need to rehash what has been rehashed and warmed over by other journalists? What insight could i possibly give that could show another angle or side of the story. Shit shows are pretty one dimensional.

There is,however, one story I feel compelled to write about even though it has been all over the gossip sites since Halloween. In case you have been living under a rock, the 'scandale du jour' is the slap in the face of the institution of marriage. I refer to the 72 day joke called the marriage of Kim Kardashian.

Here is a woman who shot to fame because of a sex video that somehow got leaked to the press about 5 years ago. Unknown to the majority of mankind, Miss Kardashian has parlayed this 'scandal' into a TV show, handbags, a shop in Manhattan and paid appearances at many parties across the world. Together with her momzilla manager, Kris Jenner, they are planning on taking over the world.

Seriously? What has Kim Kardashian done to help the world to be a better place? Well, in her quest for fame and fortune and profitting off of absolutely everything in her path, she has 'helped' one thing.

Her joke of a marriage will hopefully wake up some congressmen and law makers to finally legalize marriage between same sex partners. Opponents of same sex marriage cry, "Same sex marriage is a travesty!". Uh, no it isn't. Doing what Kardashian did is much more of a travesty against the institution of marriage than any gay marriage could do. People who really want to get married can't, while this fame hungry two bit whore can, and then ridiculize it by filing for divorce 72 days later.

As Rex Murphy said' Occupy Kim Kardashian'....

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