Tuesday, March 30


I am not sure what is going on with me, but lately I have been very uninspired to write anything in my blog. I don't feel like rehashing current events. I don't particularly feel like sharing anything regarding my personal life for fear of it coming back and biting me in the behind( and also to protect the innocent...)

Luckily, my children(correction: my teenagers) work and school are filling up my time, but I feel like something is askew. I am lucky in many ways but there is that inkling that something is missing. I know that I am in trouble when i start to gravitate towards the self help section at the library. That is not a good sign. Books screaming from the shelves,enticing me with titles such as, "Bitches, and the Men That Love Them', " Rich Dad, Poor Dad'(how about No Dad), The Girlfriends Guide To Dating in Your 40's"...for the love of Pete, who writes this crap??

Oprah has made millions on the psychosis of inadequacy. Self help books contradict each other. Whether it be for raising good kids, investing money wisely or finding the man of your dreams,there is always an expert.

I don;t need a self help book. I know what is wrong. I am in a rut. Simple as that.

What to do?


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