Saturday, March 13

Embracing Life...

John Lennon said it best,: Life happens when you are making plans...

Two and a half months into 2010, our resolutions that we drunkenly make on December 31 have all gone to hell in a handbasket. Why wait until New Year's to make a resolution? Why set yourself up for failure? The majority of New Years resolutions never make it to fruition anyways...

I think its better to start when you want to, not when the Gregorian calendar says so. Less pressure, better chance for success.

In the end I truly believe that we should all just embrace life. Whatever your life is, or where you are in your life, just stop for five minutes and sit back and think of all of the positive things there are in your life. ..... Ok I can hear the detractors....Think...Everyone has something positive in their life!

For starters, you are reading this blog( and I thank you). That means that you can read! Do you know how many people are functionally illiterate in both Brazil and Canada? It would blow your mind! Could you imagine not being able to read street signs? a recipe? a book? Imagine being thrown into downtown Beijing with everything written in Chinese. Can you read Chinese symbols? Thats how some people live everyday.

This blog is on a computer, so that means that you have access to the internet. How many people in this world don't?

You can write a commentary and voice you opinions and or objections. How many people have been tortured in the past because they voiced their opinions against totalitarian regimes? Freedom of speech is taken for granted and is in danger of being picked away by our governments in the name of 'national security'. Don't let this happen...

We all want something that sometimes is unattainable. That's ok. Just be happy for the simple things in life that have no monetary value, yet are worth more that anything that money can't even buy it.

A baby's smile
A rainbow after a thunderstorm
a heartfelt thank you
doing something for someone else.

Have a great weekend

The Canarioca

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Something to remember everyday.
I am a Brazilian living in Vermont, and reached you through "Rio Gringa". Now I am off to explore your blog!