Thursday, February 21

I Once Shared a Cab in NYC with Carla Bruni ....The French First Lady

I admit it, I am addicted to the gossip magazines. Give me a `Hello` magazine, `People`and their International equivalents and I just lap it up. While 90% of America is obsessed with Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, I myself have been having a good read with the news FROM Paris.

Carla Bruni has married the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. You go girl!!! I first met and worked with Carla in my modelling days when we were both in the Kenzo Spring Summer fashion show in 1988 in Paris. Her dressing area was right next to mine. We chatted and I remember her having an amazing raspy voice and a killer sense of humor.

A few years later I shared a cab with her in New York as we were both going from the Upper East Side to the Lower Broadway area for the same fitting. She was telling me about her new boyfriend and how excited she was that she was going to meet him the next week....that boyfriend, by the way, turned out to be Mick Jagger.I felt like I had just gotten a major inside scoop, but I would keep this information secret.Well it turned out to be New York`s worst kept secret as everyone seemed to know about this top secret boyfriend. You also have to remember that the fashion business was alot different in 1991 than it is nowadays. It was more intimate and a closed group, like the cool group of kids in the playground.God forbid anyone would want to be on Page Six!!!!

I ran into Carla on a few more occasions in New York and then never again.

In 2003 she had her hit album,`Quelqu'un Ma Dit',that went off the charts in Europe.I still have the CD and it is played regularly on my iPod.

Well Carla, you have out done any ex model I know.

I can honestly say that I know the First Lady of France....

You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

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