Thursday, July 24

Getting a Brazil

After having a good laugh at the perils of living across from a waxing clinic from DRL, it prompted me to put in my two bits worth about the art of waxing and getting the 'Brazilian'.
First and foremost, privacy is key.
I prefer to get all of my 'girlie' services done at specialized places. Waxing should be done in a waxing studio. My favorite is Depile Downtown. The owner is a sweet elegant lady named Denise, and the place is impeccable. They are specialized in the taffy type wax similiar to the JSisters in NYC. If you chicken out, it can be rinsed off! All of the waxers are clean, in uniform and more important of all, THEY DON'T RECYCLE THE WAX, unlike other places. Gross thought to say the least...
If you want a Brazilian, the name here is Virilha Cavada..pronounced 'virillia kavada'. The waxer will ask if you want a bit left behind or all gone.
They don't use tweezers, as they believe this causes ingrown hairs.
Make sure you wax at least 24 hours before going out in the sun as your skin will be sensitive.
I am a faithful client for years, and I highly recommend this place.

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