Thursday, October 16

Dragon's Den Canada

I just watched the show the Dragon's Den. Needless to say, I am totally impressed. To heck with Canadian Idol, Dancing with the Stars and the rest of the reality show fodder. This show is AWESOME.
For those who have been hiding under a rock, this show is basically Extreme Junior Acheivement. Would be entrepreneurs and inventors present their wares to a panel of 5'Dragon's'. Each Dragon is a successful business person in their own right, and they decide if they will invest in these new ideas that are presented. The reactions from the Dragons are amazing and make great television. My breakdown of each Dragon is as follows:
1. Arlene Dickinson. The only female panelist.A marketing executive in Calgary with a very successful client portfolio. She has her trademark streak of white hair amongst her auburn mane. She reminds me of a hip English teacher from high school. She lets the boys have their testoterone ego moments and then comes in for the kill. I loved how she teases Kevin O'Leary and how she doesn't let any of them bully her around. She listens intently to the proposals and will be in or out.She is one classy lady.Wonder if she is looking for writers and/or creative people for her company?(

2. Brett Wilson. New to the Den.He is a philanthropist and an investment banker here in Calgary He sits back and watches the others battle it out and actually suprised me by investing in an acrobatic troupe that I didn't think had a shot.He looks like a guy that I could hangout and go mountain biking or skiing with. He comes across as the nicest one of the bunch, but remember, we are only on the third episode...Should be interesting to watch.

3.Robert Herjvec. He comes across as being too nouveau riche for my taste. A bit pompous,but obviously a good business person, with a good eye for opportunity when he sees it.

4.Jim Treliving. Ex RCMP,now owner of Boston Pizza(the pizza can't be beat-sa...remember that jingle?)Big into sports, especially minor hockey. I loved how he told the skating harness contestant that she had it all wrong. He was firm and relentless in his observation, with good reason. He knows hockey!!! His police background helps him sniff out the fakes( in my opinion)

5.Kevin O'Leary. This guy reminds me of an obnoxious New Yorker.He tells it like it is, yet he lacks a bit of tact. He can be a bit beligerent and he comes across as arrogant. It makes good TV, but he doesnt win any brownie points in my books. Lets just say I would never have him as a rock climbing partner. He would probably let me fall first and then if he was hurt, he would probably sue me. He just semms to be that type.

The show airs Monday nights at 8 PM on CBC here in Canada

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HKeehan said...

No one watching this show should compare this to a real Investment presentation. It's more like a Roast.

There's too much ego coming from O'Leary. Finally, on Oct 28, a pitcher stared him down and calmly shot down O'Leary's latest rant. Despite this, none of the Dragons had the nerve to invest, even after praising the pitcher's poise and opportunity.

This is not good training for Entrepreneurs... it is not real- world. But it is cheap publicity if you're willing to be mocked by lesser beings.