Sunday, November 9

The Seven Year Cycle

Rudolf Steiner, the forefather of Waldorf education, believed that our lives are divided into seven year cycles. 0-7 years of age,7-14,14-21 etc etc.
Taking his theory to another level, I believe that the world also has seven year cycles. The last cycle started on September 11 ,2001 with the attacks on the World Trade Center, and have come full circle,culminating in a collective conscience awareness moment that put an African-American Democrat in to the White House.Barrack Obama is the son of an African(Kenya) and an American. His father was a Muslim, but left the faith later on in his life.Seven years ago it was all about Osama, now it is all about Obama.
Thank God, and all the powers that be, that the American people have finally seen the light and got rid of their idiot leader and his GOP croonies. Amazing what can happen in seven years.
Lets hope the next seven years will be of fair prosperity for all.

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