Wednesday, February 4

5 Ways to Surprise Your Man

Yes, I know, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Hearts are everywhere. Roses, wine and romance are the all part of the 'special day'. I think it is admirable that people celebrate this day, yet I think everyday should be Valentine's Day when it comes to being in a relationship. If you are single, no problem, nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day alone. To love another, one must love themself first. Love is something to manifest everyday.
That said, let me give you a small list.

1. Show up at the door when he comes home from work one day, wearing his workshirt and a pair of his boxers/briefs/YFronts( clean of course...;-)And a smile....

2. Come up behind and give him a relaxing massage. Just follow your instincts and let your fingers literally do the walking. Concentrate on the energy being passed between you both. What happens next is up to you.......

3. Cut back on the face makeup. Nothing wrong with a bit of concealer and light blush but you can ask any man, nothing worse than the taste of foundation. If your skin is bad, there are dermatalogical procedures that can erase acne, age spots, dryness, splotchy skin. Usually a glycolic peel, nothing invasive like a face lift. thirty years ago, this type of treatment didn't exist. Now it does. Don't hide behind a mask.look after your skin..

4. Go through your lingerie drawer and get rid of all your greying tidy whiteys. If there is one item that should not go by the wayside in the recession, that is a nice new pair of undies. Splurge yourself once a month. Always showing up with a new fun pair of knickers to your partner will keep the fire aflame. Play around with the variety of what's out there. It can range from La Senza to Walmart to Agent Provocateur(my personal consumer dream). I lived in France, trust me on this one.

5. If you have any DIY capabilities, fix a thing around the house that you both know needs to be fixed.Or, put up a photo that has been sitting on the floor for the last 3 months. Stud finder, picture hanger nails, and hammer and you are good to go! If you don't have a photo, get one blown up and framed. Use your creativity.

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