Wednesday, September 16

Where Are We Now, 40 Years After the Bras Were Burned

I believe that the TV series " Sex and the City" actually has caused more harm than good for relationships. I admit that I am a fan and have probably seen every episode including the movie. I did relate to some of the story lines and did find myself in the same predicaments as the characters portrayed.
What I find in retrospect is that the characters basically found men to be disposable. They would meet them and basically sleep with them on the first date. Samantha was the worst for this, but she was never shy or hypocritical of what she wanted from men. They were her prey and she was the predator. Miranda would get involved with men but her underlying bitterness and cynicism would get in the way, which in turn caused her to be even more bitter and cynical. Carrie was portrayed as a free spirit but I found that she was shallow and selfish and just used men to get her to where she wanted. Charlotte was dillusional (for this day and age), because she believed in the myth of Prince Charming coming to rescue her. Of the four, I found myself most like Charlotte because of her high standards she held for the men she wanted to be involved with. She had her heart broken more often than the other three. She wanted to fall in love and live happily ever after.
So if the characters of SATC were role models for young single women, where does this leave the men of this world? Unfortunately it has left them even more confused of the female psyche. Men have always played the field because society expects this of them. They are the 'hunters'. Now that women have become 'hunters' in both the workplace and in relationships, it has caused men to become more vain (metrosexuals, increase in cosmetic surgery procedures, grooming product lines expanding etc.). The worst result, I believe, is that men have lost their respect for women. Men do not want 'hunters', they want women to be their supporters and allies in this cruel world.
When the battle of the sexes has finally fnished, could someone let me know?

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