Sunday, October 4

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Host City 2016

After two unsuccessful bids to host the Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro came out on top of Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid to win.

Chicago and Tokyo were eliminated in earlier voting and even after a last ditch effort by Juan Samaranch to woo the votes for Madrid, Rio was declared the winner with a 3-1 margin in the total tally of votes.

This is a very exciting venture for the people of Rio de Janeiro and for the rest of Brazil.
It is the first time that the Olympic Games will be held in South America. They picked a great city.

Needless to say they have their work cut out for them. There will have to be major overhaul throughout the whole city to be able to accomodate the traffic and the sheer amount of spectators expected to attend.
Brazil has the money to fund the Olympics, just from the oil royalties off of the coast of Rio. They have the skilled labour to build the stadiums, the roads and the venues. My only suggestion would be to increase the amount of machinery to build the roads faster. They tend to do everything manually, which is alot more time consuming.

This is the chance for Rio to clean up its act and hopefully there will not be insane amounts of palm greasing. The only things that could destroy the Olympic dream for Rio are corruption and greed from politicians.

It's up to the people of Rio and Brazil to not let this happen.


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