Sunday, April 18

Spring Has Finally Arrived

In Canada, the change of seasons are quite distinct. After living for over a decade in South America, where there are two seasons, hot and hotter, it is refreshing to be able to feel the change of the seasons here in Canada. For starters, the sunlight changes. Days get longer, the sun gets higher in the sky and there is a warmth in the air. The first signs of my tulips are starting to appear.

This past weekend was all about getting my yard ready for summer. Dethatching the front lawn, trimming down the dried plants form last year. I am done! I don't have a high maintenance yard. I am not high maintenance, so why should my yard be? I will never understand the Calgary gardener who spends hundreds of dollars every year at Sunnyside Garden Centre buying anuuals that are not even grown for our climate, and then spend the whole summer worried about their garden. Not a very good return on investment in my opinion.... I have potintella(spell check please), raspberries and low juniper bushes. Lawn maintenance is once every two weeks and I have underground sprinklers..

I want to spend my summer enjoying my yard, not toiling over it obsessively!

Have a great day!!

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