Friday, July 2

They Should Have Worn Yellow......

When I discovered that Brazil would be playing Holland in the World Cup quarter finals, I was imagining a game of yellow and orange shirts chasing a white ball on a green pitch. Colorful...Citric! Bright!

I tuned into the game just as the two captains were exchanging pre game handshakes and much to my dismay, the 'Selecao' were in blue.....bleu....azzurri... Don't get me wrong, I love the colour blue: just not on the backs of the "Canarios".

The Brazil soccer team jersey is yellow. Not blue, not green. Yellow.

The Dutch soccer team jersey is orange. Not white, not black. Orange.

Would yellow and orange be too confusing for the eyes?

I think the game would have been more beautiful to watch with Brazil wearing their yellow jerseys.

It is sad to see your team be defeated. I cheer for Brazil, and have for many years. Long before I lived in Brazil..

They just should have worn yellow.....

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