Tuesday, September 28

Exciting Times, Random Thoughts

Things are looking up! Soon I will be off to Brazil to fill my trove of goodies! If you are not aware, I import a line of beautiful lingerie from Brazil and am preparing myself to bring in a bathing suit line as well as a fitness line. All made in Brazil!

I wish I could bring in a shoe line from Brazil, because there are so many beautiful, well made shoes there. One can find Carmen Stefans here in Calgary and oddly enough, the prices are lower than in Brazil. I love my shoes made in Brazil, the quality is that of shoes made in Italy or France(a rarity these days). I actually had a pair of loafers that I bought at a store in Rio, (Natura) and it was an exact copy of a pair of Prada's. I found out later that Prada does a lot of manufacturing in Brazil, but does enough of the finishing back in Italy to be considered "Made in Italy".

The Brazilian real (the currency) has gone up considerably over the past 4 years. I remember when it was close to $3 reais to the USD, now it is hovering at around 1.70 to the USD. This causes a problem for companies that export overseas, making their products more expensive for foreign buyers. With the national elections looming and the big stock sale of Petrobras, the currency will probably stay strong for awhile. Apparently, Lula's successor will be Dilma Roussef. Not sure if that is a good thing or not... To be honest, Brazilian politics is so confusing and shady, that I am actually glad that I don't have to vote (voting is mandatory in Brazil...maybe they should do the same here in Canada).

When I go to Brazil, I plan on checking out some of the accommodations mentioned on the site Hidden Pousadas Brazil

Tonight I have a networking event with people from the oil industry who want to do business in Brazil. My cultural knowledge and languages will come in very handy for them and my goal is to work on a consultant basis for Canadian energy companies working in Brazil...and then I sell my beautiful lingerie,bathing suits and fitness wear to the oil-ty wives.

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