Friday, October 1

My Challenge

I have less than three months before I return to Brazil. As you know, Brazilians have amazing bodies and it is a big beach culture there. No muffin tops on those beaches!!
Between work, studying at university and running around as a taxi service for my boys, my exercise regime has gone by the way of the dodo bird. It was only when I got a glimpse of my backside in the mirror the other day that I realized "Oh crap! What have I done to myself??" Time for OperaƧao Verao (Operation Summer).
I have started a food journal and I have started to do an exercise regime that I came across on YouTube. It's short and very intense. I did a 12 minute workout yesterday and was sweating like a pig. The girl that hosts the workout is in AMAZING shape and if I feel like I am going to fall off the wagon, I just think of how great shape she is in.
I took a photo of my backside and I have it pasted on my fridge to remind me of how I look if I am not careful of what I eat.
On December 14th, I will post my before and after pictures of my journey.
Here is the link to Zuzana's blog


DRL said...

GREAT link! I like it. Going to try it myself.
But, I must say... the perfect bodies on the beach are increasingly a thing of the past here in Rio. Must be all the new froyo places!

Elena B. said...

Hi there :) So i just came across your blog today but really like it. Just want to say that you should check out it's free and an amazing health/weight loss/fitness site!