Thursday, May 3

Offensive? What About a Sense of Humour?

Yesterday I shared a photo on Facebook of the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva. It showed him reading a book upside down. The title of the photo used the same idea that is used by Master Card adverts worldwide. " Reading glasses,$2000, Ricardo Almeida suit, $8000, reading a book upside down:PRICELESS."

I thought is was hilarious and shared it on my Facebook. Well boy did I ever open a can of worms. One of my friends from Brazil( who has since de-friended me) took total offense to the posting and in her rant, called me prejudiced, bitter and above all ignorant. How dare I make fun of the former President of Brazil !!!

Is it now offensive to take the mickey out of politicians? Steve Colbert, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, 22 Minutes are all political satire shows on the TV here in North America and they all hone in on politicians.



Al said...

As the head writer of 22 Minutes I am thankful I don't live in Brazil, I'd be out of a job.
If your leaders are above criticism then you have far bigger problems than people laughing at your president.

Rejane said...

In my opinion your former friend admires Lula and get offended easily. As a Brazilian, I recognize Lula took some measures that helped the poverty, but he didn't improve public education, health, violence and he didn't care about the environment. On top of all it, I think your 'friend' has no idea that Lula is PROUD to not have read ONE book in his entire life and nevertheless he still had became a president (that's really awful). I saw him saying that on national TV. So, I think she needs to learn more about Brazilian politics and have a good sense of humour.

jcb said...

I didn't know Brazilians have a sense of rhythm in spite of a sense of humor ( probably get killed for saying that)anyway Canadians have a special sense of humor!