Saturday, October 6

Calgary's Fashion World..It's There. Somewhere.

Calgary is not exactly the fashion capital of the world, nor of Canada for that matter. When one sees business women in dress suits with cowboy boots in October, it doesn't exactly scream couture. There is at least a season's worth of "What Not to Wear" material in one hour of watching people in downtown Calgary. In other words, pretty grim.

Well, being the eternal optimist that I am, I figured that there has to be fashion SOMEWHERE in this town.

I went to a fashion mixer here in Calgary because I need to see what is out there in this town. I left here at a very young age and never was part of Calgary's fashion scene. This was my first foray into the fashion party scene in Calgary in over 25 years. It was interesting....

There is talent here in Calgary, and I am going to make it my manifest destiny to go to all of the cool little boutiques and vintage shops and meet the designers.

There is a very talented designer here in Calgary by the name of Paul Hardy. I met him at Brett Wilson's Garden Party a few years back and he is a sweet, quiet genius. His creations have been worn by the likes of Sara McLachlan, Kate Hudson and Alannis Morrissette.

He will be having a huge 10th anniversary bash at his new atelier on Alyth Road (the new warehouse district in Calgary) on October 20 unveiling his Spring Summer 2013 line. It is being hailed as the 'fashion party of the year' and 'an event never seen in Calgary before'. Apparently Jeanne Beker and Spiro Mandylor will be flying in from Toronto for this big event. Will I be there?


My flight is booked and I am off to Europe next week. I have meetings with agents for my scouting prospects. I woud have really liked to be here for the Paul Hardy show, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

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