Friday, January 9

Sex, Love and Fashion

I just finished reading the book by a fellow model, Bruce Hulse. The book is called Sex, Love and Fashion. I was hesitant about buying and reading it, but in the end I am glad I did. I read it in one sitting cover to cover.
It was well written and grabbed my attention right away. As I too was a model, I could relate to alot of Bruce's stories about the industry. I met Bruce a few times and I always remembered him as being very professional and very spiritual. I knew he had the rep for being a womanizer, but after reading his book, I realized that there was one vein that resonated through his modelling life, the quest for being truly loved. To do that, one must be loving. In a business that is so fixated on perfection, we as models are on a constant quest for acceptance for who we ARE. The person, not the persona. Bruce illustrated his journey on getting to be truly loved and all of the adventures to get to that place where he is now. I appreciated his honesty and his openess about his life, it is not easy to write about such personal issues. That takes alot of courage. That alone made the book all the worthwhile to read.

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