Friday, January 16

Winter in Calgary

It is only mid-January, but I am already so over winter. Here in Calgary, we had a major snowfall on December 12 2008, followed by a cold snap that finally broke the day before yesterday. The 'Alberta Clipper' is now bearing down towards Eastern Canada and the eastern seaboard of the USA.I much prefer the cold here, its drier and it can be -30C, but hey, its sunny outside. Its humid and colder down East.
Luckily we are experiencing a Chinook, which is a mixed blessing. It reached 15 C(on the plus side) today, and the snow is melting. That brings wet roads and use of lots of wiper fluid. Because our city mayor is an IDIOT who prefers to spend our tax money on a useless pedestrian bridge, the snow removal here in Calgary is basically non existent. The side streets are slushy and I have a friend of mine who couldn't get her car out from in front of her house....for two days. My car is AWD, and I found myself bogging down in the muck and slush.Needless to say, everyone is upset. An ambulance with newborn inside was stuck for 30 minutes yesterday! Hello Bronconnier!! Get with the program!
Hopefully the sidewalks will dry a bit and not be to icey. I am dying to go for a run. Enough of the bike trainer, if i want to do a triathlon this summer, I need to get my running up to speed.More about my triathlon experience in the near future.

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