Saturday, May 2

Oh Canada!!!

I just received an Email today that blew me away. Apparently, the Canadian National Anthem will be sung in Hindi at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I know I have been away in Brazil for the past decade, but since when has Hindi become an official language in Canada? Did I miss something?
Hindi is not the third official language of Canada and the National Anthem should not be sung in this language at an international event. Only in English or French, period.
Living in Brazil, I have never expected Brazilians to speak English. I could never imagine the Brazilian national anthem to be sung in English. It's a no brainer. How about the 'Marseillaise' sung in Farsi? The Italian national anthem sung in Mandarin?
Canada relies on immigrants and it is the labor of immigrants over the past century that make Canada into the great country that it is today. I respect traditions from other countries, but I draw the line when these traditions of other cultures trumps the 'Canadian' way.
I have lived in three foreign countries, and have always respected the language and culture of each and have gone as far as learning the National anthem of each country and standing up and singing it in their respective languages.
Oh, and one last note, when the National anthem is being sung, stand up and REMOVE your hat. I was at a hockey game last week and I was appalled at the number of people wearing their baseball caps whilst the anthem was being sung, even after the announcer requested that people remove their hats for the singing of the National anthem. If anything, it should be out of respect for the men and women who fought for Canada in the past and in the present.

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according to this is a hoax