Tuesday, July 14


7 Ultramarathons
7 Continents
7 Months

Norma Bastidas has done it. She is the first woman to run 7 ultramarathons in 7 continents in 7 months. Her last race was in Jura, Switzerland which she finished over the weekend.
You would think that a super athlete like Norma (yes Norma, you are a super athlete, super mom and a super friend)would be the epitome of some Amazonian beheamoth to be able to do what she did. But in reality, Norma is very petit and if the wind was strong enough, it would blow her away.
I am blown away. How many single moms do you know would take up a task to do what Norma did?
She has literally gone to the ends of the Earth to raise funds and awareness for preventable blindness.
I can't wait to meet up with Norma on her return for a long awaited coffee talk!!
In the meantime, go to www.normabastidas.com to donate for this worthy cause.

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bettina said...

thank you , this served as great inspiration.... actually i saw that no comments are beeing exposed...
i think you should publish soem... seems like i am the only one who reads your blog!! wich i love , by the way!! you have a very sprizty styke oif writing!1 very smart and good subjects!!
maybe one day, this all leads to a book

lot's of love... keep it up !!!