Monday, August 31


After my last relationship with a control freak boyfriend, I decided that I needed a break from men and needed to be by myself to figure out and re discover myself. My essence had been quashed by his constant psychosis; he even imagined that I had been having an affair with my son's soccer coach.

I never cheated on my ex husband nor on my boyfriends. Never did, never will. I have seen too many people around me involved in that vicious circle of cheating and all I can say is that its just a bad gig all around.It hurts, and can scar people for life. I have, however been the one cheated on. I honestly believe in karma.

If you are in a relationship and are considering cheating or you are in a situation that could lead to cheating, do ALL of the world a favor: break up with your significant other first. Can't do it? DON"T CHEAT!!! Infidelity is the WORST thing one can do to their partner,regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

People do things to their significant other that they would never do to their friends.Would you 'cheat' on your friends? Would you disrespect your friends?

When you are in a relationship with a person, shouldn't you be friends above all?

I wouldn't date my worst enemy.
Would you?

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Norma Bastidas said...

I wonder why only the people that have been cheat on know this?