Thursday, August 6

The 'Peace' Bridge in Calgary

The new footbridge over the Bow River was unvieled last week amidst controversy and 'scandal'. It looks like a cross between a Twizzler and a bungie cord.Over 20 million dollars of taxpayers money will be used to build this eyesore.

Does Calgary really need another bridge over the Bow River? Definitely not a pedestrian bridge. People here drive cars(and big ones at that!!!!)

In the time of recession, the Mayor and the City has to show constraint on fiscal spending. It was bad enough when taxpayers found out that they were footing their dry cleaning bills and golf lessons...Did I just wake up in Rio? That sort of thing is typical of the politicians in Brazil..

Twenty million dollars could build alot of housing, a new wing in a hospital or care facility. This frivolous spending is irresponsible..

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