Saturday, November 21

Dragons Den...Update

In a post I wrote about a year ago, I talked about the Dragons Den on CBC. I did a rundown on each one of the Dragons, based solely on the persona they portray on the Den. I am proud to say that I think I got them all right.
My two favorite Dragons are Arlene Dickinson and Brett Wilson. Since my first post about the Den, I had the pleasure of meeting Brett Wilson, and he really is the same guy on television as he is in real life. He invests in people, not just products and ideas. If he doesnt do a deal, and says he is out, at least he has good reasons for his decisions and he doesnt belittle the contestants or humiliate them like Kevin OLeary does. Brett is tough ,yet fair.
Arlene is also tough yet fair and I like that she does give constructive criticism to the contestants. She sees the pitches with aa marketing eye, and I think she really knows her stuff.She also sticks up for single moms!!! I have had alot of people asking me about her white streak of hair. I wish I knew what to tell them, but it is either a natural streak or she paints it...only her hairdresser knows.

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