Monday, November 30

Grappling with Tragedy

I read the news from around the world everyday. Calgary Herald, Le Monde, New York Times, O Globo are all on my favorites.
I read about the war in Afghanistan, kidnappers in Somalia, human rights issues and so on. Human triumphs and tragedies. I am distanced from these stories because they 'happen to other people'.
That all changed over the weekend. I received the horrible news that one of my son's soccer teammates was a victim of a murder on Friday night. Today is Monday and I am still coming to terms with what happened. The boy's father was charged with second degree murder.
Just last Thursday, the young boy was playing what was to be his last soccer game. Who would have imagined that the man who was standing next to me when the boys came out of the dressing room at the end of the game would be the one who put an end to his son's life only 24 hours later? Why didn't I see a sign of something wrong? Everything looked so completely normal between father and son.
The soccer team is devastated and a grief counsellor is on call for the boys and the families to help us through this grieving time.
Tragedy can and will strike close to home. You just always believe that bad things only happen to other people....It doesn't.

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Anonymous said...

That is really horrorfying... i guess we are never ready for a situation like this!!!!!