Monday, December 7


I have been quite uninspired to write in my blog lately. I don't want to be writing about sad stories, but it seems like lately there is more bad news in the world than good news.
Which of course brings me to my beef about the 'news'. What is considered newsorthy these days? Do we feel better knowing that Tiger Woods is not the golden boy, and that he too has his own problems? Whatever is going on between the four walls of his bedroom is really none of our business. But when you are a celebrity, your private life becomes public. It used to be that only the British Royal Family had to deal with the media and the paparrazzi. Sports figures were only photographed doing their sport. Over the years, the public has become more and more interested in the private lives of the rich and famous. "This is Robin Leach......."
One trip to the grocery store checkout and you are able to get InTouch with all of your celebrity gossip. Its OK, celebs are People too,they're just like US. These days everyone wants to be a Star!and InStyle!
Brangelina, Jon and Kate, now Tiger Woods!
You ask anyone and they know who Brad PItt is. Do they know who their member of parliament is? (I do,its Rob Anders and I didnt vote for him...)Do they know what is happening in the Arctic passage? (The Polar cap is shrinking so there are descrepencies about borders between Canada and Russia..)
The line between reality and fiction is becoming more and more blurry.The hunger for fame has gone beyond !!! My kids listen to a song by Hedley that really says it best

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