Friday, December 18

Update on David Goldman

In an earlier post, I wrote about an American father by the name of David Goldman and the never ending struggle to get his son back.
This week it looked like it was going to happen as a high court in Brazil ruled that David´s son Sean was to be returned to the USA within 48 hours. This was on Monday. By Thursday,David Goldman had touched down in Rio de Janeiro ready to take his son home. Once again his hopes were dashed by a motion of habeus corpus done by the maternal grandmother that once again is delaying the rightful return of Sean to his biological father in the United States.
This Brazilian family has gone above and beyond to make David Goldman look like a bad father, that he was a leech off of his ex wife and to make matters worse, told the boy Sean that his father never came to Brazil to visit him in the 5 years he has been in Brazil.ALL LIES!!! They are simply causing the justice system to be even slower than it already is until Sean will be older and the full psychological separation will be complete. Apparently he wrote a poster saying that he wants to stay in Brazil forever. Well if his Brazilian family has been lying to him about his father´s love, of course he is going to want to stay in Brazil.
Mr. Goldman, if you ever read my blog, please know that I support your efforts whole heartedly and I am ashamed of the Brazilian justice system!!!

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