Thursday, December 24

Christmas Has Come For David Goldman

In a decision last night, the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil has ruled has that Sean Goldman is to be returned to his biological father David Goldman on Friday December 24th at 9 a.m. at the American Embassy in Rio de Janeiro.
After five years of jumping through the hoops of the Brazilian justice(?) system, David Goldman will finally be able to pass Christmas with his son, and bring him back home to the United States.
This case has mobilized Brazilian public opinion(in favor of David Goldman) and has brought to light the plight of children everywhere who have been illegally abducted by one of the parents.
International pressure has mounted in the past week against the Brazilian family who has illegally held Sean in Brazil since 2004.Possible economic sanctions from the USA against Brazil were in the works.
Once the ´wheels have lifted´(a term used by Mr Goldman referring to the wheels on the airplane leaving Brazil with his son in tow), I hope that the district attorney and the local Bar association will further investigate the Brazilian family. The stepfather and maternal grandmother are accomplices in international kidnapping. The Lins e Silva family used their influence with high level judges to quash and appeal every decision made in favor of David Goldman.
I can only imagine the joy that David Goldman must be feeling right now to know that he will finally be able to have his son back. I was praying for this moment since I saw the clip on the NBC Today show last September.Those prayers have been answered.

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