Wednesday, January 13

Brazil Update

I have been very behind on my blog updates over the past few weeks as I was in Brazil itself and needed material to blog about...
Since my last visit, there have been many chnages in Brazil. Here is a small list of what is happening:

1. Justice has been served. David Goldman has finally taken his son home where he belongs. Exciting as it is, the Brazilian family is planning on appealing the court decision. What could have been a peaceful 'handover' of Sean to his father David at the American embassy on December 24th, it became a media circus as the Brazilian family refused to heed to the Embassy's offer of allowing Sean to arrive through the garage, and chose to parade him down the street in front of the melee of journalists and onlookers. Really a caring attitude to protect the young boy.....NOT!

2.The prices of restaurants! I was in shock to see how much a 'queijo quente'(grilled cheese sandwich) has gone up. It used to cost around $4,50, and I have seen 'lanchonetes' serving them for $9!!! What happenend? If anything, the prices should go down. the dollar is down against the real, so blaming the dollar doesnt gel anymore. $10-$15 reais for a caipirinha!!! $4,50 for draft beer!!!

3. Obesity. Go to the local food court and it makes you want to cry. So much wonderful fruit at the market and I see people wolfing down fast food like there is no tomorrow. I just came back form Rio, ate fruit and fresh food until I was blue in the face and I LOST 4kg!!! This has been a trend worldwide and has hit the shores of Brazil since some time, but this last trip I noticed that it has gotten worse..

4. Obeying rules. I went to McD to get a 'cafe americano'(basically black watered down coffee) and I asked the girl for some milk. Nope. Couldn't do it. If I wanted milk I had to order a cafe com leite(coffee with milk). Asked why, her answer was because she was being filmed and couldn't give me any milk. So much for 'jeitinho'. More like '1984' by George Orwell.

5.Traffic. The traffic before Christmas was INSANE. Hours to get around. Reason? It is easier now more than ever to get car financing, so every Tom Dick and Harry( or rather Joao, Marcello e Carlos) is buying one. Result? Traffic jams that were never there before.

Brazil's economy has been stable for awhile now and the recession that hit everywhere else barely touched Brazil. For now...

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Rejane said...

Hi Lisa,

I like your blog! I am brazilian, and I immigrated to Canada five years ago. Every time I visit Brasilia (I was born there), I notice the same changes you have noticed in your trip to Rio. It's amazing! The prices went up, the traffic just got worse, and the people's unhealthy eating habits. That's too bad!