Saturday, January 30

It's a Jungle Out There!

I had a very interesting evening a few Fridays ago. At 8 pm, I was at Market Mall with my kids and by 9 pm I was at the 'Met' in downtown Calgary, giving moral support to my girlfriend 'J', who had just had the dating experience from hell.
She had been set up on a blind date through a dating service that charges an arm and a leg for people to meet. Her dating 'coach' (now everyone seems to be a coach,life coach, sports coach,intimacy coach now dating coach...but I digress) told her that the 'prospect' was a successful person in his field and apparently a 'hottie'.
So imagining that she was going to meet the local George Clooney, she called me for fashion advice and got her hair and makeup done in anticipation for her date. Needless to say, the guy was a total waste of makeup (yes, that great stuff by Bobbie Brown at Sephora ain't cheap) BALD and FAT..Not even attractive..I know, but I will explain why I know this later on in this post.
We were sitting at the bar with two other girlfriends having a few drinks and looking around at the scenery. It was quite fun to look at people and see how they interact with each other. There was the cliched 'cougar' on the prowl and the never ending parade of the 'bump', that horrific Amy Winehouse inspired mass of hair on the crown of your head. In the corner, at the end of the bar was the typical group of guys with no woman around, making crude comments as each woman passed them by (and they wonder why they aren't 'gettin' any). As I passed by to go to the washroom, I had to endure a crude and inappropriate comment by one of them. I glared at him and told him to go 'fly a kite' in Portuguese.
Where do guys get off speaking to women in such a way? Did I miss something? Have chivalry and basic respect gone the way of the dodo bird? I have two boys and they would get one big asswhooping from me if I ever got wind that they spoke to a girl that way. And they can be 30 years old and I would still do it.
After a while we decided to change venues and went to Vintage. Definitely an older crowd and a live jazz band was playing. The Met had just gotten too, how can I say this....gangster. We didn't stay long and as we were leaving, the un George Clooney walked up to 'J' and said " How are the kids?" Unfortunately she had used the " I have to get home to the kids" excuse to get out of her date and she was subsequently busted by Un George himself. Put a bummer on her already bummer evening. We couldnt get out of there fast enough. Was he stalking her? Who knows, but he was SOOOO not hot.
We ended up having a late dinner at Joe's on 17th and I went home at 2 am.
The next day I watched the show on Slice called 'Millionaire Matchmaker'. I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a guy who was an agist. He was 39, never married and refused to date girls over the age of 25. The matchmaker tried to set him up with a beautiful young hearted 35 year old that fit into his profile, but after one date, they never saw each other again.
As a pre-cougar,single in Calgary, the possibilities in this town are limited. I have high standards and it is hard to compete against the 'bump' crowd of 25 year olds ready to 'give it up' at a drop of a hat. That's not me.
One thing for sure, its a jungle out there.

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DRL said...

Yeah I would not recommend hanging out at the Met! Too "chotchy" (sp?)... Good update on the Calgary scene tho! ;) Do you plan to return to Rio to live at any point? And I'm curious - are you working in Calgary these days? Are you getting the care for your child that you were looking for?