Saturday, December 18

Plane Travel in 2010!!

After a long flight from Canada back to Brazil, I arrived here to find that the TSA went through my bag. I hate when that happens. What kind of guarantee do I have that that they haven't taken something out of my bag? I understand that it is a security measure, but it still makes me nervous.
There was an article in the Calgary Herald that said that with all of the stuff that people are carrying on board, it is making security checks longer.
If there is one thing I hate is when people stuff their bags in the overhead bin that isn't even over their seat. If I arrive and see that the bin is full and the seats around me are empty,and nobody claims it belongs to them I simply remove the bag and call the flight attendant.
Between having your luggage pilfered through by the TSA and the extra baggage charge, it is beoming more common for people to schlep their stuff onboard.
I suggest that the airlines re-evaluate their baggage limits. It will smooth out travelling in a big way!!

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