Monday, December 20

Can you say INFLATiON???

I went to the supermarket with my best friend in RIo today and was curious to see the price of filet mignon. I have always said that meat in Brazil is the cheapest in the world. When I was here last Christmas, the price of filet mignon was around R$15/kilo, which converts into about CDN $8.50/kilo. Not any more! The same supermarket, one year later, is charging R$39/kilo..Can you say inflation???


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't get on defensive mood as I know it all comes down to inflation in the end, but I do think the price of food in Brazil varies according to the weather/time of the year, especially for produce and dairy. It's like: drought, hard to get your cows happy and healthy and your plantations growing; or maybe too much rain. So I think that plays a bigger role than inflation itself. It's not like they stock food in cans so they will have stable price throughout the year, as, per se, in the US, where I live now. But I might be wrong, haven't lived in Brazil for 3 years, so what do I know?

Lisa Kauffmann said...

I agree that there is a seasonal element to the prices. The craziest thing I saw though was the price of bananas at the Zona Sul. R$3.99/kg!! Here in Canada I pay around $1.60 CDN per kg which comes out to R$2.50...Last time I checked, they don't grow bananas on the side of the road in Canada..;-)
Also the meat price shown in the photo went down to around $R25 after New Years, but still higher than the 15 reais that it cost one year earlier.
Bacalhau(dry salted cod) is the most expensive around Christmas, New Years and Easter as is turkey.