Sunday, January 2

Happy New Year!!

It's been a while since I last posted. Being without an internet connection does make things a bit difficult. Blogging on an iPhone is no fun either..

Well its Day 2 of 2011! Have you made any resolutions for the New Year?

New Year's Eve was wonderful and Saint Peter kept the rain away. It always seems to threaten to rain on New Year's Eve in Rio, but miraculously it didn't.
I went to the beach in Barra and saw the beautiful fireworks that were being shot from the roof of the Windsor Hotel. The show outlasted all of the other fireworks spectacles on that beach. It also helped that we had a space set out for us on the beach with food and champagne. People were in white, which is a tradition in Brazil for New Year's as it symbolizes peace and purity. Lately, people have added silver, gold(to represent money), red(passion) and so on and so on. My maxi dress had all of the above colours so hopefully I will receive lots of money and passion this year.
I would love to have posted some photos but I don't have the USB cable that is specific for my camera...(Grrrrr!!!!)

I was to spend New Year's in Buzios but the weather wasn't cooperating and the town was getting insanely crowded by mid week. If I was staying at Casas Brancas, then yes, the weather would not have been an issue.
Note to all of my followers, AVOID Buzios during Brazilian holidays and long weekends. Two hour traffic jams to get to the centre from Geriba beach, beaches so crowded that you can barely move. Sorry, but this princess is out!!

Rio de Janeiro is actually pleasant for New Year's as everyone has left town. Traffic jams are inexistent. Maybe next year I will do NYE on Copacabana Beach, but this princess needs her infrastructure!!



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