Thursday, January 27

Back Home

I have been back to Canada for a week now and I have just now gotten over my trip. The Rio-Calgary flight in itself is quite a good flight and the layover in Houston is painless. I did have to go through one of those TSA machines that everyone was up in arms about. I have nothing to hide so bring it on!
As per usual, the press has moved on and stories of the terrible floods in Brazil are no longer front page worthy, here in Canada or in Brazil. The devastation will take years o clean up and cost millions of dollars. Donations can still me made through the Red Cross. One of the areas affected manufactures machinery for car parts for Brazil and is also a big centre for textiles. Even more reason to buy things from Brazil. Lives were lost, lets not let the livelihood of the people be lost....
The weather here has been warm as we are in the midst of a major Chinook (my poor boyfriend suffers from migraines when the Chinook roars through here) and of course the weather in Rio has gotten hotter and sunnier since we came home. 40+C is not fun and nobody can enjoy that heat, so they are i side their air conditioned homes. Here people are stuck inside when it is -30C, so really what is the difference?
I am glad to be back in Canada. Dont get me wrong, I love Brasil, but to live day to day and work, Canada is much better. Brazil is a great place to visit, but to live and work there, it is an exercise in patience and bureaucracy.
I would love to work for a company that is based in Calgary, yet has offices in Rio that I would need to go to once in a while to work. I am job hunting right now!

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