Thursday, March 10

An Open Letter to the NHL


I use that salutation hesitantly. The game of hockey is no longer a gentlemen's game. It was a game played on frozen ponds in sub freezing temperatures by young boys dreaming of being the next Rocket Richard, Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky. The love and passion for the game has been replaced by a band of thugs and criminals validated enabled and enticed by the likes of Gary Bettman and Don Cherry.

The violence of the game has gotten out of control. What should be a show of speed and skill, hockey has become the modern version of Roman Gladiators. The players have become bigger and stronger and the dirty hits are now causing severe concussions and possible paralysis. The c NHL should be held responsible for allowing this sort of behaviour to happen, and not ensuring a safe work environment for the employees of the NHL (the players).

The cheap hit that was given to Max Pacciorety literally made me sick to my stomach. I was watching the game with my boyfriend, who is a lifelong Habs fan. It was against the Boston Bruins. Before the game, the Bruins players were already trash talking in the press about how they were going to destroy the players from the Canadiens. The last time the Bruins played the Habs, the Bruins were on the warpath to maim PK Subban. Their actions were premeditated.

Max Pacciorety is in a Montreal hospital with a severe concussion, a fractured C4 vertebrae and there are people out there continuing to trash talk him and the Canadiens. The player who clocked him onto the pole didn't even get a game suspension or a fine. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Luckily, the Montreal police is opening up an inquiry into the incident and charges may be laid.

Just because they are playing in a rink, this doesn't exonerate them from personal responsibility.

The NHL needs to stop the madness. This is Canada's game and as a Canadian I am disgusted by what hockey has become. It has morphed into a blood bath to appease American audiences.

I am not a lawyer but any intelligent person will agree with me on the following:
1. The NHL should be fined for breaking labour laws by not ensuring a safe workplace.
2. Players involved in cheap shots and hits should serve the time equivalent to the time the injured player is out of action. In the case of Pacciorety, the hitter, Chara, should be suspended until Pacciorety is able to play again.
3. Commentators must stop enticing and promoting violence in the NHL.

Clean up the game once and for all!!!! Bring back the game of speed and skill that is hockey!

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