Monday, April 18

Does The Shoe Fit?

Like any red blooded woman who has a pulse, I am a shoe fanatic. I love my shoes and am always on the look out for neat shoes. I am not a Carrie Bradshaw as I would never be able to afford the Choo's, Laboutin's or Manolo's that lined her closet.

I love shoes from Brazil. I really believe that Brazil is the final frontier of handcrafted shoes. Italy and France are two other countries that are known for their great shoes but even that is being slowly phased out as the 'artisans' are retiring and there is no younger generation being groomed to fill their shoes.(I know, bad pun)

Then of course, there is the biggest threat to the shoe industry, the counterfeit shoes coming out of China.$800 shoes being sold for $100 on Canal Street in NYC.

Instead of chasing down the bad guys, Laboutin is attacking YSL and Carmen Steffans, because they happened to put red on the sole of the shoe! PLEASE!! Here is an article that shows how ridiculous this is. Are they going to patent tan leather too?

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