Wednesday, April 27

Food and Aggression..Is there a link?

I saw a video on Youtube the other day of two girls beating up a transgender male at a McDonald’s in Baltimore. I was shocked by what I saw. Young girls are becoming increasingly violent and aggressive. What shocked me the most is how nobody got involved to break up the attack. It was only after they beat the pulp out of this poor person that an elderly lady stepped in to stop it. remember, this was being filmed and the cinematographer was more interested in getting the best shot rather than helping the person who was in distress.
Bullying is rampant at schools and at the workplace. There is no distinction between being assertive and being aggressive. Bullying behavior is learned. My two sons have been bullied in the past and my one son even had a boy pick a fight with him and tried to turn it around to make it look like my son was the bully. This kid was simply jealous of my son’s popularity at school and tried to make himself out to be the victim. Total set up on his part.
Where is the moral compass in all of this? What gives people the right to attack others? Is their self esteem so low that they have to resort to being bullies themselves? Why did these two girls attack the person in the McDonalds? Why are people going ballistic in fast food restaurants? I think that maybe, just maybe, it is what is in our food. Preservatives and hormones in our food could be one of the causes of this aggression that has become so rampant lately. It is definitely causing obesity. Could that be the link?

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