Friday, May 13

Uniforms at School. Why They Are A Good Idea

I think that children in the public and Catholic school systems in Calgary should wear uniforms.

I am a mother of two boys. Luckily in the fashion department, they haven’t succumbed to the
‘Label’ madness of their peers. Apparently the cool labels these days are Hollister, H&M, American Eagle and Lacoste. The teenagers these days look eerily like we did back in the 80’s. You are either ‘preppy’, or “Goth’(which includes the sub group known as Emos). It was preps and punks at my high school. Don’t get me started on the low riding jeans and the short baby t shirts that kids wear these days.

I digress. The point of this post is to promote the idea of school uniforms. This would offset the costs of school fees. My kids went to private school when we lived in Brazil and the cost of their uniforms for the whole year cost me less than $250…for the two of them! Granted, things are a bit cheaper in Brazil, but their uniforms consisted of a shirt, shorts, hoodie and trousers. Made my life so much easier! No fashion dramas in the morning, laundry was MUCH less and in the end of the day, their clothing budget was slashed by almost 60%. One set was being worn, one set washed, one set ready to go! How about that for a green initiative? And the clothes can be passed on to a younger sibling!

When I bring up this topic to other parents, their first reaction is, “It will be so expensive!!”. Actually it’s a lot cheaper than buying clothes that kids want (labels and designers). I also get the reaction of “ It will quash their individuality and creativity.”. If anyone has seen how private school uniforms are somehow transformed by the kids wearing them, creativity is NOT being quashed. Do we not have a dress code at work? Are there not some jobs that require uniforms? Well then, we are just preparing our kids for the future.

Wearing a uniform evens the playing field. The kids whose parents can’t afford designer clothes will be able to afford the uniforms and the ostracizing on the playground because Madison’s parents can’t afford to buy Lululemon will cease!

It’s a win win situation for everyone. Anyone else on board with this idea?

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