Wednesday, November 14

Albert Watson. The Greatest Living Photographer Today

I had the opportunity and honor to work with Albert Watson when I was a model. For those who aspire to be photographers, Albert Watson is, to me, the greatest living photographer today.

Working with Albert was always a pleasure. His focus and professionalism was always contagious, and he engaged everyone on the shoot to attain his vision of what he wanted to see in camera. I guess what I love the most about Albert is his love for photography and how he loves to share stories and insights on taking pictures. As a model, I always knew that when I was being photographed by Albert, that those photos would be masterpieces. Some of them are on gallery walls and museums now. Everything I learned about photography was from Albert. He was my greatest teacher.

I was in Toronto last week to attend the opening of Albert Watson's Retrospective at the Izzy Gallery in Yorkville. I had booked my trip months ago and was looking forward to see Albert, his wife Liz and their son, Aaron. Hurricane Sandy put a dent in the original plan for the Watson's, so they ended up driving to Toronto from NYC. It was touch and go for the opening, but they managed to arrive in one piece and everything went as planned. I was so happy to see Albert after so many years and to have a picture of me on the wall of the gallery.

When one choses a career in life, we choose goals along the way. One of my big goals as a model was to work for Vogue and to be photographed by Albert Watson. That goal (and dream) came true many times as I worked with Albert on many occasions such as Italian Vogue, Blumarine, Stern, Macy's, Clairol, L'Oreal, to name a few and travelled to wonderful locations such as Scotland, Paris and an amazing road trip through Texas.

To see my photograph on the wall of a gallery as a limited edition is the greatest honor I have ever received as a model. But even better was to be praised in front of the whole photography community at a seminar in Toronto by Albert himself referring to me as one of the most professional and patient models he has ever worked with. That is priceless.

Albert Watson's Retrospective is on at the Izzy Gallery in Yorkville until December 27, 2012.

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