Friday, December 28

New Things for 2013

I have been writing this blog for close to 5 years. Do I wish I had written more? Yes.

I have been suffering from writer's block for the past year as reflected n the amount of posts I have written has dwindled considerably.

To be perfectly honest, I am in desperate need of inspiration.

I do not want to write about horrible things in the world (guns, violence etc.). We have the newspaper and CNN for that.

What I do find that inspires me though, is the art of photography.

I rediscovered my love for photography after seeing Albert Watson in Toronto in November. I was quickly reminded of everything I learned about photography during my years as a model, and Albert was my best teacher. Many models  have gone on to become very good and successful photographers. Ellen Von Unwerth and Bruce Weber were both models and are top photographers now.

I live in Calgary. Not exactly the fashion capital of the universe, but that is ok. There are a lot of talented fashion types here in Calgary that are pushing the envelope to create amazing designs, photos and images. I am humbled by their talent.

So I have decided to show my photography on my blog. I invite everyone to comment and critique it. I do not have the latest fancy digital camera. I may just have to wipe the dust off of my Nikon F3 and go analog. In the meantime, here are some photos:

©Lisa Kauffmann 2012
©Lisa Kauffmann 2012

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