Saturday, March 22

Hockey Night in Canada

I AM CANADIAN....Born and raised in Calgary, every Saturday night was, and still is Hockey Night in Canada.Before Calgary got the Flames, we were stuck with cheering for either of the only two Canadian teams in the NHL,the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens. Back in the 70's, 99% of the players were Canadians.Nowadays one needs a phonetic dictionary to help pronounce the names of players who hail from Russia, Finland,Czechoslovakia(ooops.the Czech republic...)The best defenceman of all times,Bobby Orr, just turned 60 yesterday...God I feel old. I remember watching hockey with my family on CBC. My mother is the ultimate hockey fan. She yells at the players, warning them of imminent checks,cursing them for penalties, admonishing the referees for '`unjust`calls. Its hilarious. If you were to meet my mom in any other situation, you would never believe that she is the same person that transforms when the Flames are on the ice.
Hockey is to Canada the same way that soccer is to Brazil...
Go Flames GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Medusa said...

Lisa, being the eternal snoop that I am, I Googled your name after you left your comment on my blog (Medusa) today, and discovered YOUR blog, which is wonderful :^)

When I read this post, I almost fell over. I'm from Calgary too! I was born there and lived in Calgary for years before the family moved to Edmonton.

In Calgary, we lived at the corner of the MacLeod Trail and Mission Road for years (the house has since been demolished). The Stampede grounds were a 5-minute drive away.

I went to a little school called "Parkhill" which was turned into condos a few years back. It was a great place to grow up and I don't remember any of us girls getting manicures and pedicures in those days :^)

I'm now living in Nova Scotia, which is a little piece of heaven.

I got such a kick out of reading how you loved to watch hockey and curling. I've bookmarked your blog and will be keeping it on my must-read list.

Anyway, Lisa, I must run here. It's dinnertime and my husband is starting to rummage through the fridge, which is not a good thing.

Take care!


DRL said...

Hockey night in Canada is alive & well at our house here in Rio as well (my husband has figured out a way to watch playoff games via the internet...) also managed to take part in his usual hockey pool thanks to blackberries and skype...