Saturday, March 8

Naomi Campbell Loves Brazil.....Lord Help Us All

In the movie, A Fish Called Wanda, the two main characters fly to Rio at the end to bask in the sun with their aquired millions. The cliche of escaping to Rio has been part of cinematic lore ever since the late Ronald Biggs of the Great Train Robbery fame,came to Brazil and was unable to be extradited to the UK.The idea of being surgically altered to fool the authorities has also been part of the 'Boys from Brazil' mystique.
So it comes as no surprise to me that Naomi Campbell has decided to adopt Brazil and Brazil has opened their arms to the famous cell phone thrower. Hold on to your Motorolas, Naomi has arrived. She has done runway shows for Rosa Cha, (the bikini maker for the local jet set)and even a campaign a few years ago for Vivo(cellphone ironic).I guess that Brazil is the only country on earth that is willing to put up with Miss Campbell's famous temper.Even the president of Brazil has received her... She has caused furor at parties in Sao Paulo and is collecting boyfriends here like my mom collected Hummel figures.
Her latest affair is with the Brazilian owner of Parmalat, the embattled Italian dairy company that was the cause of many lawsuits and family dramas a few years back. The Brazilian sector of Parmalat was involved in a scandal awhile back involving the milk they sell. Apparently one of their suppliers was adding hydrogen peroxide to the UHT milk.Why? I haven't a clue....
Parmalat has been able to PR their way out of the embarrassment that the milk scandal caused.
Now they have Ms Campbell to deal with...She has appeared in the gossip mags here as she was whisked to the hospital for some mysterious surgery.On her face? Speculation is that she is being treated for problems in the 'pelvic' area. Infertility treatment? Who knows?
Either way,she has befitted the prerequisites to become an honorary Brazilian. Break the law somewhere, go to Brazil and have a mysterious operation.....

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