Tuesday, March 25

Screw the Bran Muffins,We Are Watching Curling

What the hell is curling? Believe me, it has nothing to do with hair. Its basically a sport invented by the Scots(single malt will cause moments of inspiration).It involves 4 players per team hurtling a large granite Bundt pan down a corridor of ice. Similiar to shuffleboard, the goal is to get the rock close to the center of the circle at the far end of the ice. To guide and direct the rock in its trajectory, two sweepers brush the ice with intensity to create a fine film of water to direct the rock to its place. The players yell encouragement to the sweepers....
In any other context ,it could be considered obscene.
As it turns out, the womans World Championship is being held right now and my mother has given up making muffins to watch the Canadian team beat the USA...I, myself, am on my 4th glass of Merlot.

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