Sunday, March 29

Brazilian Banned in New Jersey

Apparently there is a big possiblitity that New Jersey will have a lot more underbrush this summer. The Division of Consumer affairs(which oversees cosmetic procedures) is considering banning the "Brazilian" after two women got infections and were hospitalized from having the procedure.
Cautionary tale? Absolutely. Summer is upon us(in some parts of the world,except Canada) and the bikini wax is in high demand. No matter where you get your Brazilian done, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost, the wax must be individualized. The hot pot of wax sitting on the counter should be for you and only you. Do you want the same wax as the last client? The spatula was dipped in there before you got there and even though your waxer is using a new spatula for you, the wax was used on someone elses privates ...(Pause for visualization and subsequent "Ewww!!!) Ask your waxer to use a new pot and wax for you. I have my own wax and heating pot and I have never had a problem.
Be sure that the salon or spa does not recycle the wax. Ask to see the wax.
Another alternative is to use sugar wax. This wax cannot be recycled and it can be rinsed off. This is the same wax used by the J Sisters in NYC.
The most important thing is the cleanliness of the establishment and the staff. If in doubt, LEAVE! If the place is very unhygienic, report it to the local health board.

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