Monday, March 30

The Petroleum Pipeline Express

I am so excited to learn that Continental Airlines has received tentative approval to fly from Houston to Rio de Janeiro nonstop.
This will cut down the travel time between Calgary and Rio de Janeiro to about 16 hours door to door and no stop in Sao Paulo. Ah the luxury of it!!! I have been travelling to and from Brazil for over 15 years and FINALLY there is a decent connection. I gave up on Air Canada when Varig went belly up and having to endure 9 hour layovers in Sao Paulo with two children and 6 suitcases.
If this route is approved, one can leave Calgary at around lunchtime and arrive in Rio de Janeiro the next morning. I am crossing my fingers. Hopefully this will facilitate the petroleum industry as there are companies in Calgary, Houston and Rio de Janeiro with offices in all three cities. I have yet to fly on the 'Petroleum Pipeline Express' and not sit next to someone involved in the petroleum industry.

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JHU said...

Olá meu nome é Tania e tenho interesses em blogs sobre Calgary, foi aí que achei o seu. Por que Calgary? Porque tenho intenção de imigrar. Em novembro passado estive em Calgary para conhecer brazucas e a cidade. Um abraço